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God winked at me today.

I love you like a spring mornin' . . .

My grandad was famous for those words. Ask any of his six grandchildren and they will ALL tell you, he loved BIG.

As a child, I spent a lot of time with my grandparents. My grandad took me to work with him and my grandmother cooked me every little thing my heart desired. We watched Ol' Yeller on tv; played outside and had Braums ice cream as a special treat. My grandparents didn't have cell phones or internet. They engaged with me, loved me, entertained me and taught me to entertain myself.

When we started Hat Creek Beef, our goal as a family was to help other families gather back around the table. To remind families to love each other, to engage with each other, and most of all to HELP and LOVE each other.

We've been reminded of that this week as our nation entered territory most of us have never seen before. Though it has been a hard week, our hearts are overflowing with the way God has blessed us to HELP by providing beef for so many.

It's been amazing to see moms who were down to the last 3 lb. of meat to feed their family drive away with a smile. We've helped daughters stock their elderly parents' freezer so they didn't have to get out or go without. We've seen families elated that to have beef to last them longer than a week. I've visited with, hugged and loved each person that pulled in and I've loved every minute of it.

This, my friends, is what it's all about. This is why we started Hat Creek Beef.

Tonight as I went to check mares on this official first day of Spring, God winked at me.

That beautiful baby above stood there staring back at me with that perfect heart on her head and I was reminded that God is guiding us.

Let's not wait to LOVE, HELP and ENGAGE with each other. Go love someone today. Go bless someone today. Chances are you will be the one that's blessed!

And, remember, I love you like a spring mornin'. . .


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21 de mar. de 2020

Annie... you are an amazing young lady! Your family is precious ❤️.. your words and actions are awesome...we love you! God’s blessings today and always🤗❤️

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